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Ever wondered why you can't lost weight, or if you lost weight, why you can't keep it off. There are many causes of weight gain: genetics, metabolism, hormones, stress, eating choices, lifestyle habits, lack of sleep, and more. 


At Dr. Alexis Integrative Health we understand what you are going through, and can help you achieve weight loss success. Dr. Alexis Hanson, DNP, FNP-C, herself, used to be 297 pounds and now is a svelte 136 pounds. "Dr. Alexis" and her experienced team use effective science-based medical weight loss treatments, not fads or unproven techniques. We do not just help people lose pounds, our methods also teach clients how positive lifestyle changes and healthy eating choices that can keep the weight off.


If you are ready to shed the pounds and keep them off the healthy way, call us at 520-965-3685  or book an appointment online to discuss the next steps in your successful weight loss journey. You deserve to look and feel your best!

What are the benefits Medical Weight Loss?

Maintaining a healthy weight is one of the biggest struggles people face. Not only can obesity be a factor in many physical challenges, but it can also hinder self-image and self-esteem. Medical Weight Loss at Dr. Alexis Integrative Health provides client's with the best tools available that promote optimal weight loss, and teaches clients how to maintain that successful weight loss for life.

Benefits of reaching and maintaining a healthy weight include:

  • Improved heart health,

  • Better sleep,

  • Decreased risk of type II diabetes, cancer, osteoporosis, stroke, and anemia,

  • Increased energy,

  • Increased fertility,

  • Improved self-esteem and mood,

  • Optimized immune system,

  • Decreased back and joint pain,

  • & More!

Your Personalized Medical Weight Loss Solution:

Losing weight and keeping it off is not a "one size fits all" plan. No two patient are alike, this is why "Dr. Alexis" and her experienced team will review your individual situation, taking the time to get to know you, and design a personalized Medical Weight Loss plan just for you that addresses your struggles and goals. We have worked with clients who need to lose a 100 pounds or more, and others who have 20 or 50 pounds to lose. With our effective science based weight loss strategies, you can achieve success, to look and feel the way you have always wanted.


Your Custom, Personalized Medical Weight Loss Solution includes a proven healthy eating plan, positive lifestyle changes, exercise, nutritional counseling, supplements/neutraceuticals, and more!

  • Dependent upon your health, weight loss, and weight maintenance goals, Dr. Alexis may also recommend Metabolism/Fat Burning or Nutrient shots (like Lipo-Minor or B12 injections), Nutrient Supplementation, Prescription Weight Loss Medications, or other applicable weight loss aides.

The Dr. Alexis team wants you to feel comfortable and confident with every treatment. If you have any questions regarding Medical Weight Loss or simply would like to know more about how our services can best help you, please give our office a call at 520-965-3685 to get more information or schedule a Complimentary Consultation or Appointment  today!

Are you ready to achieve your weight loss goals and optimize your health and wellness? Schedule your Appointment by calling Dr. Alexis Integrative Health TODAY at 520-965-3685 or Request an Appointment easily through our Appointments tab. We look forward to helping you be successful!

* Click Here to Learn More about we can meet your Appointment Expectations, Cost of Services, and Payments *


We look forward to helping you achieve your health and wellness goals!

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