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Urgent Care Visit (Telehealth/Telemedicine Only)

When you have an unexpected illness, you need a provider who can manage those needs. Contact us for a Telehealth/Telemedicine Visit with Dr. Alexis Hanson, DNP, FNP-C. Dr. Hanson takes a holistic and integrative approach to care focusing on how to best help you achieve optimal health and illness recover. Call our office today at 520-965-3685 to schedule your appointment.

Urgent Care Visit (Telehealth/Telemedicine)


We are dedicated to providing quality care to help meet your Urgent Care needs. 


Services Include:

  • Acute illness management

    • Including: Sinus & Respiratory infections, ​Kidney & Bladder Infections, Rashes, Bronchitis & more!

* Click Here to Learn More about we can meet your Appointment Expectations, Cost of Services, and Payments *

Schedule your Appointment with Dr. Alexis Hanson, DNP, FNP-C today at 520-965-3685 

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